Welcome to my travel website.

I have been exploring the world since I was a young child - my mother carted her three children around the globe and instilled in us a sense of wonder and desire for adventure.

My first solo journey was cruising up and down the coast on various yachts in my late teens then working on a banana farm in far north Queensland. I then spent several years overseas working as an au pair in London. When I returned to Australia I trained as a travel agent and so my company sent me all over the world again. I bought my first motorbike in my early 20s and never looked back.

In 1990 I had a beautiful baby girl who became an excellent traveller and could pitch her own tent by the time she was 5. We undertook several long trips exploring Australia and when she was 15 we ventured further afield. This blog series begins with our first major scooter adventure overseas.

I hope you enjoy reading about my exploits and I welcome any feedback.


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone