Please don't make me go home

Sydney, New South Wales
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another beautiful day dawns and I am really really not ready to return to reality.

4 days is way too short so next year I am gonna plan for at least a week away. The first stretch home is along the Monaro Highway between Jindabyne and Queanbeyan. I can't describe how mind-numbingly BORING this ride is, and more than once I vowed NOT to ever do it again.

We stopped at Bungendore for lunch and planned the next bit of the ride. We poured over the map but it seemed our only real option was to get past Goulburn and only then could we venture into the Southern Highlands for some nicer roads.

Garry decided he wanted to be put to sleep by the mind-numbingly boring Motorway so we parted ways at Goulburn and Mark and I went for a little play on the backroads.

The Southern Highlands is another very beautiful part of Australia, and although the roads aren't the best surface for riding, they are quite scenic and wind thru the countryside showing off lovely little pockets of delightful treasures.
We arrived back in Sydney quite late in the evening and after kissing the BOSS and washing my clothes, I was ready to repeat the entire exercise.

Alas I will need to wait another year.

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